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License Renewal Portal

Click icon below to start Search/Renewal

Upload the following documents for business license renewal:

  1. Gross Receipts (prior year)
  2. Valid Form of Identification
  3. State License, if applicable (Cosmetology, Insurance, Medical, Trade, Professional)
  4. Emergency Contact Form
  5. Save and E-Verify Forms

Upload the following documents for alcohol license renewal:
  1. Valid Form of Identification
  2. Emergency Contact Form
  3. Save and E-Verify Forms
Forms for Emergency Contact, SAVE, E-Verify, and the Home Occupation Affidavit can be accessed on the City Web site for Required Documents.

How to Search


Click the "Search/Renewal" icon on the left and use the "Search by" Entity or Business name option from the drop down list.


Click on "Edit". The Entity Number is the Access Code and must be used to move through the next steps. Review each field and update all information. Press Submit. Click on View. This will allow you to upload required forms.


Access to forms for Emergency Contact, SAVE and E-Verify are located on the City's Website by following this link: Required Documents. . Add any messages to City staff by using the "Message Agency" button.


Use the "Upload" button to attach a copy of the required documents. When the Occupational Tax application is approved, City staff will send you a link with the amount due for payment processing. The Occupational Tax Certificate will be mailed to the business location and must be displayed in a prominent location

New Occupational Tax/Business License Application

We apologize for the inconvenience, this site is currently unavailable due to technical difficulties.

Alcohol License Application

To apply for an alcohol license. Email alcohol@duluthga.net.